Caesar and the King

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On the morning of Friday, 20th May 1910, two weeks after his death, Edward VII’s funeral procession made its way through London. It was a massive affair, involving royal dignitaries from most of the royal families of Europe; but a particularly moving touch was the presence of Caesar, Edward’s adored wire-haired fox terrier, following his master’s coffin. 

Funeral Procession of King Edward VII, 20 May 1910, with Caesar, the King's dog

Caesar was presented to Edward in 1902, and from the very first became a firm royal favourite. He wore a collar with the inscription, “I am Caesar. I belong to the King”, and was lavished with affection. Edward was loath to be separated from him, and Caesar accompanied the king on his 1903 tour to Europe. A French royal observer later gave a detailed description of the dog:

Caesar was a person of importance … He had a strong personality and a quick intelligence. He was very independent in his ways, a little mischievous and playful…

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