Sweetmont Nampara Surpise

Available to a terrier savvy home.

Shazam is a very  beautiful and affectionate male smooth fox terrier. 17 months old.

He is not a nuisance barker or digger, but he will climb a fence to be with his people. This dog is not a loner. He needs companionship. The drive to climb diminishes when run with another dog.

Prefer to keep him on the east coast. Transportation is difficult during the heat of summer and COVID restrictions.


Contact me for an application.


Sweetmont’s Maverick at Nampara

Finished Champion

3 year old male.

Health clearances. Proven producer.

Does not dig, climb, or nuisance bark.

Please contact me, if interested, for an application.

Special Terms.


Retired Champion from Sarita

Bubs is a retired champion looking to be the center of someone’s world. Great with people, but should be an only dog as he does not like to compete for attention.  Experienced terrier owner preferred. Contact Deidra Bower at: ibidee2000@gmail.com