Sweetmont’s Nampara Surprise

Ch Sweetmont’s Maverick at Nampara x Nampara Sooty Soo (both majors)


Sweetmont’s Remington Rimfire

Remi Arched

CH Sweetmont’s Maverick at Nampara

Mav Best 2

CH Sweetmont’s Maverick at Nampara

CH Sweetmont’s Winchester Shadow Elite


CH Winchester Shadow Elite

CH Sweetmont’s Wake Up Call

Owned and shown to his championship by Deb Dehne of Dehtenn Acres smooth fox terriers.

From Sassy’s second litter.

Sweetmont’s Gentleman and Scholar

Owned by Bill and Joanne Thayne. This dog never met a camera he did not love.

Sweetmont’s Rough Rider at XRoads

Owned by Jana Kay Carter. Also from Sassy’s first litter.

Sweetmont’s Painted Pony.

My pick from Sassy’s first litter. Could not be shown when he developed a habit of lifting one of his ears.

hart-b-7   best-shot-2


Tocoa Wicklow Quality Checked, aka Turner

Acquired MCKC 2008 weekend. Co-owned with Kelly Rauschmire who got 10 points on him before being sold to a show home in Oregon.

CH Legacy A Knight’s Tale, my beloved Lance.

Now deceased. Sire to the infamous Sydney Smooth! Gotta love those perfect  and natural ears!!

Lance 300 dpi

CH Sweetmont’s Clever Endeavor

Owned and shown to his title by Kathy Steedman. Kathy has since begun to breed her own quality smooth fox terriers under the Townview kennel name.

Front in field head shot

CH Nature’s Nobleman, my first homebred champion.

Handled to his title by Marie Heffron and Tim Hunter.

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