Health Tests

Health Testing of

Sweetmont Smooth Fox Terriers

Nampara’s Sooty Soo at Sweetmont

                    OFA: Hips– Good

Foxlorr Bring On the Day            

                    Cornell DLS  Left 71/ Right 72     (80% is ideal)

                    OFA: Patellas –Normal

                    OFA: Thyroid Normal

Nampara Kozmic Cortana            

                    Cornell Heart Specialist– normal

Nature’s Nobleman                       

                    OFA: Hips Fair

Sweetmont’s Crystal Rose            

                   OFA: Bilateral Mild                

                   OFA: Patellas Normal

Sweetmont’s Epiphany                  

                   OFA: Patellas Normal              

                   OFA: Hips Good

Sweetmont’s Maverick at Nampara   

                   OFA: Hips– Fair

                   Cornell: BAER normal             

                   Cornell: Heart Specialist –normal

Sweetmont’s My Kind of Magic    

                   Penn Hip:  Left 60 /Right 47

Sweetmont’s Original Blend           

                     Cornell: DLS       Left 70/Right 74

Dunkin’s DLS scores were: 70% left hip and 74% right hip. DLS score above 55% is considered very unlikely to develop an arthritis hip and is therefore phenotypically free of hip dysplasia.

Sweetmont’s Painted Pony              

                  Cornell DLS   Left 67/ Right 76

Sweetmont’s Remington Rimfire    

                 Cornell Heart Specialist –normal

                  OFA: Hips– Good

Legacy Tarina Bindi Sue                 

                 OFA: Heart Normal                OFA: Hips Fair

Legacy A Knight’s Tale                  

                OFA: Patellas Normal             OFA: Hips Good

Quissex Presented at Court             

               Cornell: BAER -normal             Cornell: Heart–normal

Sweetmont Sarita Oh So Dashing   

              Cornell: BAER                           Unilaterally deaf

Sweetmont Sarita Connect the Dots

             Cornell: BAER                           Normal hearing