It’s a Snow Storm

Remington x Cortana: Winter, Frosty, Snowy, and Stormy

Born August 24, 2019

At Four Weeks:

Sire and Dam



Maverick x Georgia

May 26, 2019

Co-bred with Deidra Bower of Sarita Smooth Fox Terriers


Maverick, CH Sweetmont’s Maverick at Nampara


Georgia, aka CH Quissex Presented at Court

Mav x Georgia highlighted


Dot is available to an approved home. Please contact me at for an application.


Dot and Dash.

Maverick x Sooty Soo

January 9, 2019


Nampara’s Sooty Soo at Sweetmont

Maverick x Sooty Soo


Maverick x Cinder Litter

Bred by Deidra Bower

December 10, 2018

Sweetmont’s Peaches and Cream of Sarita came to us as a stud service puppy. She was lovely and found a great home with Scott Massey in Texas. Maverick produced well again!


Silver x Missy Litter

February 12, 2017

Check out the Sweetmont Puppy Cam:


CH Quissex Snow Kidding, aka Silver

photos copyright Michele Brazie





These are the 5  Funny Faced Sons of Silver

3 tan and whites, 2 black and whites. Another  puppy  was lost on  day 5. Missy’s lifted ear is the result of a tangle with another terrier–not a prick ear.


Ch Misty Hollow’s Lil’ Missy

shown here by her breeder/ handler Terri Voss.



Missy’s Sire and Dam

Ch Flair-Rill Versace and Ch Misty Hollow’s Tool Girl

Sire of Missy’s First Litter, Ch Raylynn’s Mocha Porter

Missy produced 4 champions in her first litter:bred by Terri Voss and Kristi Tukua

Ch. Flair-Rill Misty Hollow’s Meteor, owned by Kristi Tukua of Flair-Rill

Ch Misty Hollow’s Pop the Cork, owned by Terri Voss of Misty Hollows

Ch Misty Hollow’s Moonshine, owned by Donna Larsen of Green Acres

Waiting for photo of Misty Hollows Kinky Pink, owned by Terri Voss

Sire of Missy’s Second Litter

Ch Raylynn’s Chocolate Stout


Sassy x Fozzie Litter

April 19, 2014



CH Sweetmont’s Wake Up Call at Lorquest

Owned and shown by Deb Dehne

Sweetmont’s Kahlua Latte Lorquest

Owned by Elise Simon

Sweetmont’s Dark Roast, aka Maxwell

Owned by Gail Sachs

Sweetmont’s Original Blend, aka Dunkin

Sassy x Chip Litter

May 23, 2013

Chip x Sassy small font

Sweetmont’s  Rough Rider at XRoads, aka Eli

owned by Jana Kay Carter


Sweetmont’s Painted Pony, aka Hart

Sweetmont’s Gentleman & Scholar, aka Morgan

owned by Joanne Thayne

Sweetmont’s Mother’s Wish for Lorquest, aka Lou

Sweetmont’s Something Sassy, aka Poppy, ace Thief Alarm

owned by the Sutherland Family

Lance x Amilee

Sweetmont's Knight's Magic

November 26, 2008

Sweetmont’s Knight’s Magic, aka Chester

owned by Glenn McCoy

Sweetmont’s Knight’s Enchanted Lady, aka Chelsea

owned by Mary and Manny Johnson

Sweetmont’s Tale of Enchantment, aka Chessie

owned by Pete and Leslie Boettcher

Pepper x Paisley

Sweetmont's Crystal RoseMay 23, 2007

Sweetmont’s Crystal Rose

Sweetmont’s Briar Rose of Amber-Aire


Legacy Sweetmont Heart of Gold, aka Fanny


Sweetmont’s Compass Rose, aka  Badger

Foxcove Sweetmont Legacy, aka Sophie

May 18, 2006

Sweetmont’s War of the Roses, aka Thorne

owned by Jaime Knight


Lance x Muzzie

Sweetmont's World War 1 Flying Ace

July 30, 2005

Sweetmont’s World War  I Flying Ace, aka Ace

Sweetmont’s Baby Grand,  aka Schroeder

Tom and Valerie Hirsch

Sweetmont’s Peppermint Patty of York, aka Sydney

Sweetmont’s Lady Lancelot, aka Lucy

owned by Mary Sweeney



Sweetie x Oscar

April 19, 2005

AmileeCH Sweetmont’s Clever Endeavor, Guard dog & Clean-up Canine


Sweetmont’s My Kind of Magic


Sweetmont’s Magically Me

Sweetmont’s Sweet on Me

Sweetmont’s Checkmate

September 2, 2004

Sweetmont’s Epiphany

Sweetmont’s Special Agent Crackerjack

Sweetmont’s American Flyer

Sweetmont’s Lot’s of Moxie

Sweetmont’s Gracious Protector

Sweetmont’s Influential Statesman

owned and loved by Emily Arnold

Sweetmont’s Speculation

April 21, 2003

CH Nature’s Nobleman, aka Comet

CH Fox Run Pop the Cork, aka Splash

Little Miss Muzzie

Special Agent Crackerjack, Jack

Sweetmont’s Tribulation, Dixie



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