Terrier Tales


Most of the stories shared below have been sent to us. Others are our own.

Intruder Alert! by Kathy Steedman
with CH Sweetmont’s Clever Endeavor
Tonight about 11:30 when my son took Porter out for his last break before bedtime, something was not right. Porter started sniffing and growling as he ran around the yard and sure enough, there was a strange man in our yard. My son yelled for me to call the police and get my husband as Porter continued to stand about five feet in front of the guy and bark his little heart out. Quite a show! I am so proud of my little dog. Front in field head shotI am glad no one got hurt and the police were here in about two minutes. The man was obviously in an altered state and did not understand why we were upset that he was in our (completely fenced) yard. I do believe he was looking for something to steal. Tom has been building a large garden shed this weekend and there are materials in the yard. All the tools are locked away in the house, but I’m sure this guy was not just taking a shortcut like he claimed. Who takes a shortcut through a fenced yard?

Porter had to be picked up and carried into the house and he continued to “talk” for the next 10 minutes. He and my son did a good job tonight.

Puppy Mill by Wanda M.
After knowing another fox terrier for a few years and recovering from the death (at 16 years) of our previous dog, Friend of Man Martin, we began our search for a fox terrier. We watched the ads in the newspapers and at the pet supply store and the vet’s. Whenever we saw one, it was gone before we could get there. Finally one showed up in the paper. We called and went. It was over 100 degrees on 7/1/02 and we drove 3 1/2 hours, only to find ourselves on a horse farm with one barn full of horse stalls filled with puppies of every size, shape, and breed. My husband’s first instinct was to leave immediately, but my niece and I could not bare the thought of one of the puppies having to stay there who could possibly leave with us.So we asked to be shown the fox terriers and chose the one who greeted us as soon as we entered the barn.Dixie_StoneWall_02

My husband put them through his own tests, but Steph and I had already chosen. We just had to let Todd choose the right one on his own. Then the manager did the paperwork, gave the puppy 2 shots and shoved a bunch of pills down his throat, we paid and left. On the way home, the puppy vomited 13 times and by the time we got home he had diarrhea and was lethargic. After a couple of days of TLC, he came around and was fine. As he grew, we realized he was mixed with something other than fox terrier, (maybe Jack Russell) but he was our little boy and we would not have parted with him for the world. His hair is too long for a fox terrier and he grows a beard but this does not matter to us. Maybe we were just lucky to get such a good boy. He was sold as a purebred Fox Terrier, bred by an Amish farmer and sold on the horse farm. DSCN3665There is no way that manager could have told one puppy from another, there were so many of them crammed together (30-50 per stall). So this time we decided to do some research and find breeders (reputable) with whom to do business. So now you know our horror story which had a very happy ending. ( Martin’s bought the puppy shown in the  photo shown here from Sweetmont.)

Bear Chases by Wanda M.
with Sweetmont’s Tribulation and Junior
Both dogs have been on three bear chases now. They see a bear in the woods and just take off after it. All the yelling in the world does not deter them. We take off after them with the whistle with which I call them and a shotgun. Junior usually heeds the whistle and comes back, but Dixie stays with the bear. Once Todd caught up to them and the bear was tired from the run uphill and was just trudging along with Dixie running circles around him barking wildly. She finally came to Todd and he fired the shotgun up into the trees to scare the bear away. Two weeks ago I was potting petunias in the back yard and the dogs were digging in the yard when a bear came down from the woods and started chasing the dogs. I yelled for Todd who came out and fired the gun. The bear ran and the dogs turned right around and chased him. Todd got them back in short order that day. Then last Sunday they saw a bear in the woods and took off after it and I was home alone so I grabbed the whistle and gun and ran up through the woods after them myself. Junior came back as soon as he heard me, but Dixie took quite a while. I have to make sure I can see both of them before I will fire the shotgun just to make sure I aim it in a direction that could not possibly get them with even one pellet. We are not shooting to injure the bear, either, just scare him away. It’s been a week today without a bear, so maybe they realize this is not a good place to walk through.

One Talented Terrier
with Sweetmont’s Gracious Protector
I recently placed one of my sfts in a new home only to discover maybe this is one I should have kept—for commercials =)
The family had to go out for the evening and not wanting to leave Desi in a crate, they gated him in the bathroom. All seemed well, so off the family went. When they arrive home, however, things had DSCN5045changed considerably. Desi was sitting on the couch –watching TV.
No one had left the TV on. Evidently the dog had cleared the gate, jumped on the couch, hit the remote in the process, and found a program that suited him –lol. This little escapade “took the cake” for original stunts in my experience and it absolutely reinforced their appreciation for what interesting experiences a terrier brings to one’s life.

Struck By Lightning
with Carol Stull of Amber-Aire
I had a very close call on Sat. We were having a very serious electrical storm. I had my Airedale puppies out in a large pen I made out of 2 x-pens. They were under cover but I decided to pull part of the x-pen into the garage so they would be out of the wind until it was over. As I was standing in my basement the light in my ceiling fan stated to sizzle but didn’t blow. I immediately turned it off and went into the garage to pull the x-pen in. As I was doing this I could hear my breaker box sizzle and crackle. The thunder was deafening and occurred within a split second of the noise in the breaker box. As I went to bend over the x-pen I received a shock and a spark flew off of the pen. At this point,all of the 11. 5 week old puppies were huddled up against the pen. They all received the same shock as I did as I completed the connection by touching the pen. I do not remember how I got the puppies out but I do remember picking one up and getting a shock from one of the pups. I was very dazed and quit upset as I was here alone. I remember calling someone and asking them what to do as the weather did not let up. I was standing in the basement with all of the puppies loose and wondering where we would be safe. I have an x-pen in the whelping room. I did not feel this was a wise choice with the storm. Again I have no memory of how I got them out of the pen. After it passed and the sun came out I put them back outside and tried to gather myself. I check on everyone and they seem fine. I called my neighbor to come up, she use to raise Shepherds. As we were talking I saw that the puppies had difficulty walking and seemed like they had no control over their hind quarters. With that I called my vet. She had no advice to give me other than keep an eye on them and if they did not improve take them to the emergency clinic. As the night went on they seemed to recover. By Sunday evening they were all back to normal. I myself felt like a got hit by a truck on Sunday. I slept until 12:30 PM and was barely walk around to do my chores. It was a very eye opening experience. Mother Nature is definitely in charge. My vet felt that the electric impulses from the brain to the muscle was temporarily short circuited. That could also explain why when I tried to step over something I fell and landed on my elbow and shoulder. My leg did not respond to my brain. I feel very lucky to be alive. It could have been much worse.
As it turns out my neighbor’s transformer was hit and all we can figure out was the lightning coming back out of the ground. Fortunately, I had just seen a diagram of how it dispersed after it strikes. It comes up all around the strike zone. I never want to experience anything like this again. Thankfully we are alright.
I wonder if all of these puppies will be afraid of thunder.
Carol Stull……glad to be here.

ANI & THE ELECTROCUTION SCARE !!    March 18, 2005

We had a near tragedy here. I just got back from the vet. While I was answering an email, I heard a weird zzz,,,,zzzzz,,, sound. I turned around to discover Ani collapsed on the floor; she had bitten the TV cord and was lying there with the cord snagged in her lower teeth. ( Note the cord was bundled up off the floor and at window sill level, so she had to jump up to snap at it. )

IAni_HUGE flew across the room and unplugged the cord. Ani continued briefly to just lay there stunned; her tongue and gums were blue gray. I called the vet and they had me come in immediately. Of course there were garbage trucks and trailers with backhoes in front of me on the 2 lane country highway going 40-45 nearly the entire way with continuous oncoming traffic–so no passing. I was about out of my mind with frustration and concern by the time I arrived.

Ani looked OK, but they were taking no chances. They followed full protocols: ECG, blood panels, lassix to keep fluid off the lungs, antibiotics, and a lung panel. I picked her up that night
Ani being a terrier may be what kept her alive. Chances are that because she grabbed the cord with her front teeth with her tongue back in her mouth, Ani kept herself from serious harm. If her tongue had been in contact with the chord, the vets speculate that the electricity would have flowed through her and done serious damage to major organs. Fortunately, the x-ray came back without major concerns. She was on 48 hr. watch with minimal stress and activity. Should ANY breathing difficulties surface, she was to go to Cornell asap. I got the blood work results the following Saturday.

Ani was fine. With all that had gone on around here then and the trips to the vet, I had asked them if they just wanted to keep the credit card. Little did I know then how true that statement would be. A litter of pups would be born by C-section on April 19th, 2005 at the same Animal Hospital =)

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